The Benefits of Living in a Sober Living House

Content You are unable to access Clean and Sober Transitional Living (CSTL) Choose a home that allows for a flexible length of stay. Start the road to recovery You can pay your rent, buy actual groceries, and still have fun money to go see a movie or grab coffee with friends. There are even […]

AlcoholViolence Camy

Content Alcohol Use and Crime: Findings from a Longitudinal Sample of U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults Other Alcohol-Related Crimes Alcohol-Related Crime among College Students: A Review of Research and Fruitful Areas for Future Work Expenditures on alcohol and alcohol consumption by income Alcohol-related crime Type IV includes commonplace events or characteristics that are overlooked and […]

House Rules in Sober Houses

Content What Are the Rules in Sober Living Homes? HOW TO START A SOBER LIVING HOME Learn More How Does The Patient Benefit From Structured Accountability? Sober Living Houses vs. Rehab Centers and Halfway Houses Any abuse of this privilege will result in a loss or revocation of privileges and/or consideration for eviction. Residents are […]

What Is An Alcoholic Narcissist?

Content Do Narcissists Tend To Become Alcoholics? Narcissism Insights LOOKING FOR A TREATMENT PROGRAM? The Similarities Between Alcohol Abuse an Narcissism Novel Associations Among Trauma, Mindfulness, and Impaired Control Over Alcohol Use Sign up for text support to receive: Narcissism and Alcohol Problem Recognition, Expectancies, and Evaluations Their selfishness, lying and disregard for the pain […]

The Truth About Alcohol Tolerance

Content Metabolic Tolerance Can Lead to Liver Damage Risk factors Take back control of your life. Acute tolerance On the other hand, with an acute tolerance, an individual may seem more intoxicated at the beginning of their drinking session than toward the end. Acute tolerance is the tolerance a person builds within one drinking session. […]

Signs You Are a High-Functioning Alcoholic Alcohol Detox in Georgia

Content Hydrocodone Addiction: Signs Symptoms and Treatment Understanding The Power of Denial What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Like in New Jersey? Exceptional care you can count on. Take This Quiz to Determine If You’re a High-Functioning Alcoholic In the same way that every person is unique, every addiction is, too. It is time […]

Learning Humility in Recovery 12 Steps

Content What Role Does Humility Have in the Recovery Process? How Does Humility Relate to the 12-Step Program? Social Media Be Humble Day: Humility and Recovery (Be Humble Day is Feb Living with Chronic Illness in Recovery These individuals may think that they know better than everyone else and that nothing will happen to them […]

Why Alcohol Disrupts Your Sleep Sleep Center

Content Which types of doctors diagnose and treat night sweats? Alcohol and Sleep Apnea So Why Do You Wake Up So Early? Drinking before bedtime Preventing Night Sweats Alcohol interrupts the four stages of sleep This figure includes 9 million males and 5.5 million females. People with alcohol dependency or intolerance should speak with a […]

Physical Signs That Someone Is Drinking Too Much

Content Hiding or Lying About Drinking Habits Coping With End-Stage Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms of End-Stage Alcoholism My Loved One Needs Help Health Solutions from Our Sponsors Are You Experiencing the Effects of Alcohol? We can help. Impact on your health You may need inpatient medical (hospital), residential rehabilitation (rehab), outpatient intensive therapy or outpatient […]

Is Addiction a Disease? Partnership to End Addiction

Content Journal of Adolescent Health Comorbid Disorders Addiction Treatment Programs The disease model of addiction Help For Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Therapists are Standing By to Treat Your Depression, Anxiety or Other Mental Health Needs High levels of these substances suppress the reward circuit and activate the endogenous stress response, resulting in a generalized […]