Our Mission

Living Philosophy is philosophy of life.


Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The spirit of Socrates’ inquiries was to engage in a dialogue with an other or others to examine some aspect of life.


A theme that repeats itself throughout The Republic is “therapiea” – an attentiveness to what is, to what goes on between us.


Since Freud, therapy has often been thought of as synonymous with psychoanalysis. But therapy, to reinvent the term, and at the same time to return it to its roots, is the process of being attentive to one another – to care for one another.


Emmanuel Levinas rethought philosophy as ethical philosophy – where ethics is attentiveness to the other.


Hence, living philosophy and therapy are intertwined and can be thought of as one discipline.

If we begin from a care of the other, from an essential ethical position, then the dividing lines between philosophy, psychology and the practice of psychotherapy disappear.


Living philosophy is philosophy that enhances our life, improves our life, and necessarily at the same time involves the other.


With this in mind, Living Philosophy makes a commitment to engage in philosophical inquiry, not as an academic discipline but as a living, active inquiry.


So, the concept of the Philosophical Cafe was born – we will engage in philosophical inquiry together at various occasions throughout New York City.


Our first meeting…

For everybody – no matter what your level of knowledge or reading of philosophy.