Some Books to Read

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Writing and Difference Writing and Difference Jacques Derrida Review pending.
Brave New World Brave New World Aldous Huxley A wonderful science fiction novel.
Burger’s Daughter Burger’s Daughter Nadine Gordimer An intriguing philosophical novel about South African events.
Cure or Heal? Cure or Heal? Avicenna A sensitive and thoughtful book on psychotherapy, which influenced R.D. Laing and many others.
Death of the Family Death of the Family James Agee A book examining the nature of the family as an agent of alienation, acting for the social capitalist order to generate alienation n the individual -- leading to dissociations and mental illness in many individuals.
Deconstruction in a Nutshell Deconstruction in a Nutshell Jacques Derrida Want a short introduction to deconstruction? Read this book!
Despair and the Return of Hope Despair and the Return of Hope Peter Shabad's remarkable new book reminds us of the reach and the resonance of the language of psychoanalysis at its best. His subject, in a sense, is the retreat from sociability; and his descriptions of what he calls the "desperate morality of survival," of the ways in which the troubled person cures himself by segregating his experience and then can't find a cure for his self cure, are among the most powerful in contemporary psychoanalysis. This is a book not merely for psychoanalysts, but for anyone interested in the roots of contemporary morality. - Adam Phillips
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