The point that Tinder changed its wordmark that have a symbol conveyed an important content

The point that Tinder changed its wordmark that have a symbol conveyed an important content

The new relationship app try attempting to make it obvious: individuals recognize they instantaneously and don’t even have to have the text getting it. This means that, the newest Tinder symbol is located at Nike Swoosh reputation.

2012 – 2017

Tinder is actually incubated inside Hatch Labs. They become work in 2012 and you may rapidly gained victory among pages. Just two years later on, there were to one billion member registrations every single day.

2017 – Today

During the summer regarding 2017, the program got rid of its text message symbol replacement it that have a good minimalistic icon. In fact, the brand new icon in itself had been common towards the app pages: it was the latest fire symbol that were made use of in lieu of the mark across the page “i” to the old icon.

Now, the new flames symbol enjoys gotten a beneficial gradient texture. Due to the fact old emblem are apartment and you can tangerine, new you’ve got specific dimension and you may fades from orange in order to pink. Plus, the proper execution of one’s fire has been somewhat altered. The fresh new icon has exploded sometime rounder, if you’re its info turned sharper.

Additionally there is some other, upside-down variety of brand new emblem. Right here, the fresh new flames is light, just like the record have a beneficial gradient texture away from lime and you may pink styles.

The brand new sign amendment happened once the newest software by itself is upgraded, also. Included in the software change, a solution structure is introduced, and simplified navigation and you will a new way out of demonstrating images.

Emblem symbolization

The meaning at the rear of the latest flame symbol seems very transparent: Tinder is approximately new flames inside a muscles. As well as, “hot” ‘s the keyword i call an individual who is pleasing to the eye. Since a matchmaking app, Tinder promises me to light the fresh flames regarding relationship. The name of one’s opportunity by itself matches the theory really well while the it indicates “question employed for bulbs flame.“

The choice of colors towards both old and you can the fresh new Tinder representation seems really well pure, towards flame symbol, because lime and you will magenta (otherwise purple) will be tone of flames. This means, the fresh new palette is an additional technique for guaranteeing you “burning sizzling hot” relationships.

Those people familiar with the idea of chakras, hence concerned you of old meditation strategies, could possibly get find an extra symbolic definition trailing the color selection. Lime is the colour of the second chakra, that is in the development and you may sexuality.


The brand new Tinder symbol means appeal and you may partnership. The best relationship software in the world uses one particular common icon to have man’s relationship – brand new flames.

The brand new Tinder Symbol is constructed of an effective gradient red and you can lime square having round basics, as a background, and you can a conventionalized white flames among. This new flames is actually taken which have lowest outlines and has now its bottom area softened and you will rounded. For the some items, the fresh white image has a flaccid slim trace, into someone else. It’s simple and flat.

Addititionally there is a version, where flame has been consumed new gradient orange and you may green palette and you will put-on a white records.


The outdated image featured a minimalistic, progressive typeface. Besides the flames over the “we,” new wordmark is recognizable because of such as for example special issues as most readily useful pub to your “t” (which lacked a 1 / 2 of the length) and also the sloped pub into the “age.”


Because old image are tangerine towards the light record, the new a person is more difficult, in terms of the color scheme, considering the gradient impact. Now, there’re numerous styles out-of orange, being complemented because of the a number of white magenta colors. Regardless of the color change, this new Tinder symbolization enjoys existed consistent within the flame symbolization. More meet Laotian lady over, the “fiery” perception has-been even more noticable into the brand new symbolization.

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